London Carries On As Normal


Sitting in London watching the news regarding the attacks almost as they were happening last night was a very surreal experience.  On one hand, you want to hide from the obvious terror outside, on the other more rational hand you know that London is huge and you are miles away from anything.

For so many last night went from a carefree summers evening into a night of terror in a very short time.  People out and about on a hot summers night enjoying the weekend, became victims of a senseless and vicious attack.

7 people lost their lives and 48 others are in various hospitals throughout the capital.  Emergency services went above and beyond as they always do in times of crisis and the situation was dealt with very quickly.  Our sympathies and our thanks must go to those involved, victims, emergency services, hospital staff and those who were there at the time.

Having come through London today to get a train back home, I was struck by how normal everything looked.  We obviously avoided the area of the attacks however, I had expected to see some sort of noticeable reactions.  Nothing was immediately obvious and when I arrived at Kings Cross station it seemed the same as the many other occasions I had been there before.

No obvious police presence, people sitting about outside in the courtyard, chatting, laughing, carrying out their daily business like any other day.  The only evidence of last night’s tragedy was the report on the screen at the side of the departure boards.

Sitting on the train I can hear people talking about it and they are understandably horrified and a bit scared.  It’s a completely different experience being in the same city as a terrorist attack, it makes it all seem a bit more real and a whole lot more scary.

As I move closer to home with each passing minute I have to say I am happy to be leaving London this time.  Small town living may seem boring and quiet to some, to me it is home and it is safe.


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