Local Taxi Passengers May Benefit From Driver Apathy


If you regularly use taxis in the Perth and Kinross area, you may well benefit from lower fares for the next year, thanks to the apathy of local taxi drivers.

Taxi fares in Perth and Kinross may remain unchanged until May 2019 if recommendations made to the Licensing Committee are approved tomorrow.

A report by the Head of Legal and Governance Services produced for Perth and Kinross Council Licensing Committee is on the agenda for tomorrows meeting.

This report advises that the legally required review for taxi fares was carried out in May 2018.  Local taxi operators, organisations representing or appearing to be representing taxi operators were invited to put forward their proposals.

This is the chance for taxi operators to put forward their requests for changes to tariffs.  This may be to the hours tariffs run, the fares charged on these tariffs or even the soiling charge.  A total of 188 letters were sent out to Taxi Operators, Private Hire Vehicle Operators with meters fitted and organisations.  Of these 188 letters sent out, only 14 replies were received.

A response rate of less than 8% of those who received letters.  You would think that in these times of increasing fuel costs that those working in driving jobs would be keen to see the rate they can charge increase.

Thanks to the apathy of those involved, the recommendation of the report states that due to the extremely low response rate, that the current tariffs for fares remains unchanged until a further review in May 2019.

Whether this recommendation is approved by the Licensing Committee remains to be seen.  However, it does show how apathy can cost you in the long run.


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