Local MP Campaigns for Gleneagles Station Ticket Machine


Following enquiries and complaints about the lack of ticket vending machines at Gleneagles Train Station, Luke Graham MP held a street stall petition to take to Scotrail.

Currently, customers travelling from Gleneagles Train Station are required to buy or collect tickets from either Stirling or Perth to be able to use any advance tickets or discount rail cards.

Mr Graham was joined by local activists and residents, while also visiting a number of shops along the High St.

Other issues raised on the day were bus services and parking in the town.

Mr Graham said,

‘Short notice trips can become a costly affair for my constituents as on-train purchases must be made at full price. This especially impacts young people, who have difficulty traveling outside of our constituency to get their tickets or who are unable to take advantage of young person’s discounts if they pay on the train.

Gleneagles is at the heart of Ochil & South Perthshire. I want to encourage as many people as possible to our constituency, the opportunity to buy & collect tickets from the station should help


  1. Really?! Someone need to check some facts! If you get on at a train station without a facility to buy or pick up tickets you can use any discount card on the train. If you are booking tickets in advance for a service then you have multiple options for how to get them -post, another station and East Coast even have an option for you to print your own!! Having a ticket machine at Gleneagles would not make that much difference to anyone. What would make a bigger difference to residents and visitors to the surrounding area is a decent bus link from Gleneagles Station to Auchterarder (the current is spurious), safe A9 crossing and street lighting (there is none for a good part) for those who walk to station.

    A big bright and shiny new ticket machine might make a great photo opportunity but it is a total red herring!


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