Letter To Parents Has Gone Viral


This is a copy of the words of a poster which was reportedly put up in the halls of a Portugese school.  The poster has been shared many times on social media and the internet and is still as relevant today as it was the day it was printed.

Dear Parents

We would like to remind you that magic words such as “hello”, “please”, “you’re welcome”, “I’m sorry” and “thank you” all begin to be learned at home.

It’s also at home that children learn to be honest, to be on time, to be diligent, show friends their sympathy as well as show utmost respect for their elders and all teachers.

Home is also where they learn to be clean, not talk with their mouth full and learn how/where to properly dispose of garbage.

Home is also where they learn to be organised, to take good care of their belongings, and that it’s not ok to touch others.

Here at school, on the other hand, we teach language, math, history, geography, physics, science and physical education. We only reinforce the education that children receive at home from their parents.

As children are introduced to technology younger and younger it is vital that parents equip them with the correct social skill to prepare them for school.

The clue is in the name – Teachers are there to teach children, not train wild animals.


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