Letter from a Parkdale Family

I received a letter recently regarding the plight of Parkdale and the uncertainty over it’s future.  I asked Margaret if she would be happy for me to publish it and if she was happy for her name to be used.  This is the letter as it was received –
Good evening Karen

Got your details from the Lang Toon Times.

My mum is in her 95th year and has been resident in Parkdale since she was 90.  We have lived in auchterarder 29 years.  We moved mum from our home town of Motherwell when she was 90 years old having spent her whole life working and bringing up a family of 7 children, numerous grand children and great grand children, all of whom are educated and work.  None of us claim benefit of any kind.  Mum worked until she was 60 in the NHS and when she retired she again got a job cleaning an office until she was 80 years old.  Dad was the same, passing away at 91 years having worked all his life in the steelworks, then at 65 doorman of the miners welfare until he was 80.  He passed away in his 91 st year in the house, in bed during the night, while mum lay beside him.  Unlike mum he had no care whatsoever, but mum is the one who at this time of her life desperately needs the care she receives from the first class staff at Parkdale and close to her family.

I have power of attorney over mums health and wellbeing, and should the closure go ahead, I cannot possibly agree to a move, she knows where she is and who cares for her, any move would be detrimental to her health and mine.

As you are aware Karen, auchterarder is growing at an alarming rate.  Also it is a retirement town, which many elderly now and in the future.  What happens when there are no residential homes left.  Far from closing Parkdale, the council are more likely to need many more.  We are constantly being told we are all living longer, but comes a time when no matter what care in the community is available, which is precious little at present, it is not adequate, and some elderly if not most will require structured care as is the case with mum.

Please do all you can to help us in our fight to keep Parkdale open.  It is a big part and a real gem to the Langtoon, and I cannot envisage it not being there.

Many thanks
Margaret Mcfadyen and family


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