Let’s Get “Canny” About The Environment


It is now impossible to ignore the damage our reliance on single use plastic is causing to the environment.  The pollution of our waterways and oceans is there for all to see.  As is the devastating effect on both animal and human.

We all know we should be doing more to protect our environment, but it seems to be an overwhelming task.  Even something as simple as taking our own bags into the supermarket seems to be beyond many of us. 

One easy step we could take without having to remember anything at home which would dramatically reduce harm to the environment is to purchase drinks in cans. 

The energy and resources required to make cans is reduced substantially when recycled aluminium is used.  Aluminium can be recycled time after time and in less than two months from being put in a recycling bin can be back on the shelves.

Imagine the difference this would make to the amount of waste going into landfill.

For all the Government promises about reducing landfill by increasing recycling, the fact that China is no longer taking in foreign waste has practically halted UK recycling levels. 

Aluminium however can be processed and made into ingots in the UK.  Scrap merchants from all over the country can ensure that the scrap aluminium they collect is being recycled and used again.

Consumers can drive this change by refusing to buy soft drinks in bottles and switching to cans.  Instead of buying a 2l bottle of soda, buy a multipack of cans.  Stores can help by having sandwich meal deals include a can rather than a plastic bottle as the drink.  Cafes could offer canned drinks instead of bottled. 

Community groups or local entrepreneurs could start an aluminium collection project to enable them to take scrap aluminium to processors where they will be paid for the amount of aluminium supplied. 

If everyone changed from bottles to cans for soft drinks alone, this would make a huge difference to the environment.  Not just from a reduction in plastic but also for a reduction in the mining of raw materials.

Let’s get “canny” about the environment and make this one small change to our buying habits to help make a huge change in the amount of plastic waste we produce.


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