Lang Toon Times At Business Awards


On 28th April this year, Lang Toon Times attended the AGM of the Perthshire Business Women’s Network.  This was the first event to be attended and arriving relatively early the editor was lucky to find another person standing on their own.  This was Wendy Maltman, chair of the Association of Scottish Businesswomen.

During the AGM Wendy gave a presentation on the Association and reminded everyone that the awards would be coming up soon.  Whilst mentioning the category of Young Business of the Year she looked at the editor and said, “you could enter that one”.

In May when the award entries opened Lang Toon Times duly entered the awards with very little substance to the application.  Apart from, “It started because I felt it was something the local community needed” there wasn’t much to say, according to the editor.

Imagine the surprise when in July an email was received with an invitation to interview.  Lang Toon Times had made the shortlist of entries. Cue much panic with worries of what to say, what questions may be asked and most importantly what to wear.  The standard jeans and t-shirt for wandering about the town didn’t seem to be appropriate.

The interviews were held in Edinburgh on a gloriously sunny day.  After the normal parking problems, the location was found and interview attended.  The judges were very approachable and it seems there was quite a lot to say about a new community newspaper.

After a few days the finalists were announced and Lang Toon Times had made it through. A finalist in National Business Awards and not even a year old, what an honour.  Proud as punch it was announced on the website and shared on social media.

Last night was the Awards Ceremony at the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow.  A very nervous editor attended with colleagues from the Perthshire Businesswomen’s Network.  The highlight of the evening was being called up to the stage to receive the finalist certificate.

A fantastic evening celebrating so many fantastic Scottish Businesswomen.  Lang Toon Times will certainly be entering the awards again next year.  If you are a Scottish Businesswomen why not enter yourself or become a member of your local network?  It’s a fantastic way to meet likeminded people and get advice, support and fun.  Who knows, you may even end up at at awards ceremony.


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