Lack Of Childcare A Growing Problem


As Auchterarder and the surrounding area has grown in population in the last few years, the demand for childcare has risen substantially.  So much so that there is a real worry that there will not be enough after school care for working families when the new school year starts.

With Perth and Kinross Council cutting 50% of the budget for the Childcare Strategy Team in the newly announced budget, training and support for childcare professionals will be reduced.  This at a time where more and more people in the area are looking for childcare.

With the After School Club full with a waiting list, local nurseries full and childminders being booked to capacity almost as soon as they qualify, this is a problem that needs addressing as a matter of urgency.  Thanks to a lack of infrastructure provision throughout the last few years, the Auchterarder area has no community hub where a childcare centre could be put in place.  Childminders provide a great service to many families throughout the area and should have somewhere to meet and take the children they care for to help them integrate and socialise with their peers.

With the majority of childcare providers booked to capacity for the foreseeable future, action needs to be taken as a matter of urgency to try and help those families whose childcare needs have become urgent.

A new Facebook page has been set up called the Lang Toon Childcare Hub, this page hopes to provide information regarding childcare in the local area.  At present they are looking specifically at after school care with a survey on the page asking for feedback to help measure local requirements.  The information gathered so far indicates a requirement for over 30 places to be created by August.

School holiday availability is next on the agenda.

If you are looking to become a childminder it seems now is the time to be taking the plunge.  There are a lot of families in the area who would be glad to hear from you.

Please take a few minutes to visit the new Facebook page and complete the survey


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