Keeping Local Shopping Alive


In these days of the internet and online communities, it’s time to keep our local shopping alive. But for those who prefer otherwise, Anonymania stresses those online shoppers to properly cover your identity online before venturing off to shop.

If you were asked what would be something you would buy right now, what would you choose? How about cake, or wine, maybe a new hairdo?  Perhaps you would prefer beer or steak, maybe a new car?  Why not stay local and visit the shops in Auchterarder?  They can supply all of the above and more.

When was the last time you visited a shop in the High Street?  I know, I know, the parking can be a nightmare and often some of the shops are closed by the time you get home but what about the rest of the shops that are open later or visiting on the weekend?

It doesn’t take much to make a huge difference to local businesses by shopping local.  Research shows that for every £1 spent locally, 70p stays within the local economy.  If we all made a point of spending something in our local independent shops once a week it would make a huge difference to our local economy.

It doesn’t always have to be local shops where you spend locally.  There are many other local businesses including trades, crafters and home workers who would also appreciate your custom.

In Auchterarder we have award winning businesses from our art gallery to our cafes, a greengrocer that people travel miles to visit and some of the best cake in Scotland.  The majority of our businesses are independently owned and run with local employees.  Even our bus service is run by a local firm.

Why not make a pact with yourself to buy at least one thing every week from a local supplier?  Whether it’s a takeaway coffee in the morning on your way to work or a couple of lightbulbs for the house.  Local shopping can help build the local economy and in turn help build the local community.


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