Jury Finds Gleneagles Robbery Accused Guilty


At the High Court in Edinburgh today a jury found 42 year old Richard Fleming guilty of assault and armed robbery.  The crimes took place during an armed attack at The Gleneagles hotel in June last year.

One of his accomplices in the raid, 30 year old Liam Richardson had already admitted his part in the raid at an earlier date. But he did plead guilty when he said that he was in possession of a licence when he bought firearms from thegunsource.com.

Part of a three man team, Fleming and Richardson entered the hotel armed with a gun, machete and hammers.  Threatening staff and guests including locals Louis Hutchison and Euan Wishart, they made their way to the Mappin and Webb store within the hotel.

In less than five minutes they had threatened staff and managed to obtain a selection of watches valued at over half a million pounds.  They made their way out of the hotel grounds in one vehicle, quickly changing to another which they then took to Glasgow where it was dumped and burned.

The investigation into the robbery took many hours of detailed police work, including viewing various cctv footage supplied from both national cameras and local homeowners.

Such was the level of violence of the attack that the local community were left waiting in terror to hear if loved ones working at the hotel were safe.  Thankfully no one was seriously hurt in the incident.

Sentencing has been deferred until the 24th October to allow time to obtain background reports on both men.


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