Our Journey With Storm Doris


Today there was a journey planned, Aberuthven to London on the day of Storm Doris, we must have been mad.

My partner was returning to London today and much had been planned around his return so he felt unable to take up the offer from Virgin Trains to change his ticket to tomorrow.  We started to plan.

8am today we were up, first order of the day, out to take a video of the snow on the A9 so readers of Lang Toon Times could see the conditions. Video can be seen here.

Whilst I was out taking the video, he was inside putting on the kettle for the many cups of tea that would be required throughout the planning process.

The original intention is that I would be in Glasgow today so his ticket was from Glasgow to London. It didn’t take long on the Traffic Scotland website to see that this was not an option.  As can be seen by the pictures.

Next on the list was Dunblane, the trains terminate there so that should be moving ok.  The roads weren’t that good – But we thought it was possible. Then the tweets started appearing about the tailback on the A9 Southbound. Another option was taken off the list.

What about Gleneagles station, was there a train to Glasgow and if so was it actually running? On to the National Rail website to check their live departures and there was the 11.10 from Gleneagles, only running 6 minutes late North of Pitlochry.

This would be our plan, we could get to Gleneagles via Auchterarder and avoid the A9.  What about the Facebook post which said there was a jacknifed lorry in the town?

Corbie and Chiep were duly phoned and asked to check out the window to see if traffic was moving.  Anne assured us it was and the plan was set.

One more phone call – to my parents who live on the way to the train station and have a 4wd car.  My fiesta is fabulous but I was fairly certain I was not making it back up from the station.

Time to head out the door.

We got through Auchterarder safely and changed cars at my parents, I am so glad we did. The main road was fine, the road to the station was still white with two tracks in the snow.  Driving very carefully we got to the station where we saw Scotrail employees clearing the paths round the station.  We said goodbye and I headed back.

Crossing the flyover I saw the start of the tailback on the A9 Southbound and took a video so people could spread the word of what was happening.

By the time I got back to the house and uploaded the video, Virgin Trains had posted of electrical failures and cancellations of trains to London, Preston was as far as they were going.  I contacted my partner and warned him, he decided to get on the train and take his chances.

I have just received a text, the train will go all the way to London, what a relief.

So that is our journey with Doris, next time the ticket is getting changed.

Breaking news, new text – stopped at Penrith, there is a problem at Preston.  I shall go see what I can find out.  Updates on the further adventures to follow.


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