Is the Roblox App Suitable For Children?


Yesterday there were a number of media outlets talking about a warning regarding an app used by young children called Roblox.  There were suggestions that Kent Police had put out a warning, this was later discovered to be untrue however, Kent Police did suggest that it was a good idea for parents to be vigilant regarding such apps.

Some of the problems concerning people about this app are that there are images of naked people/avatars doing things that make children uncomfortable.  Also worrying is the ability for complete strangers to speak to your children.

In the interests of transparency, I asked my 22yr old daughter to download the app and go have a look as someone under 11 years old.

It wasn’t long before she sent me screenshots of people chatting to her and one of them asking if she wanted a dad.  This I found a bit strange but it seems that there is a variety of games you can play in this Roblox world, one of them being “Adopt Me” where you get to choose if you are an Adult or a Baby, another being “Hide or Die”.

There are also group chats which my daughter described as weird.  Within 10 minutes of downloading the app, she decided she had enough as it was creeping her out.

This is a 22yr old looking at a game designed for young children.  If she is creeped out, then I have to say I would wonder about the content being suitable for someone as young as 9yrs.

No, we did not go any further in the game and no we did not pay to play.  This was a very basic look at an app that had gained media attention that day.  An app that would seem less suitable for young children than it first appears.


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