International Women’s Day, Be Bold Your Way


This year on International Women’s Day the theme is #BeBoldForChange.   A theme to encourage all women throughout the world to be bold and take at least one step towards making a positive change for women.

Here in Scotland things have moved forward over the years with official rules and regulations regarding sexual discrimination which is supposed to give a level playing field for men and women in most areas.  Unfortunately, that is not always how things turn out and it’s not always a conscious effort by anyone in particular it’s just historical behaviour.

On International Women’s Day, there will be many of the great and the good standing up to show us just what we should be doing and how we should be changing the world.  That is all well and good when you don’t have to worry about the next meal on the table for your children.  It’s easy to #BeBoldForChange when that action will not stop you eating that day or working next week.  There are however steps that normal women can take to help make things better for the women around them.

If you are working in a mixed environment, try to make sure that it is not always the female who is asked to make the tea or get some sandwiches.  Make sure when meeting people in a working environment that you don’t always assume the female to be the secretary or the underling.  Nowadays you could well be wrong.

If you are looking for something more obvious to do today, why not support a local business run by women?  It could be a local coffee shop, craft shop, local garage or taxi firm or even a local print newspaper.  Support those women who have taken the plunge to do their own thing and take control of their own destinies.  They are the leaders who are even now still fighting against presumptions and discriminations based on their gender.

On this International Women’s Day, we can all #BeBoldForChange because bold is very relative to your own personal situation and we can all take that one step that may encourage others to take one step.  Together we can help change the world one step at a time.



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