I Brought Alexa Into My House


It has taken some time, but I have at last been dragged kicking and screaming into the age of home technology.  Last month I purchased the Amazon Echo for no other reason that I thought I would see if it could help me with being more organised.

The hype about the new technology for the home gives the impression that these items can change the way you live.  That is true in some aspects, but only if you have all the other tech that goes with them for controlling heating or lights etc.

I have no other tech, but I thought it would be useful for syncing up my calendar and keeping up to date with the news.  This it certainly has done as every morning I ask it for my morning briefing and I get the most recent headlines from Sky News.  I chose that option as it is the actual headlines being read by a human as opposed to a computerised voice reading out the information.

I am still learning what is available and what I will use on a regular basis.  I am regularly using the app where the echo plays my audio books, that is very useful when doing ironing.  Music as well is something I use often.

Not to be outdone, my daughter purchased the Echo Dot for her room.  Who knew you could use it to call between the two rooms.  Although the first time it happened I did get rather a fright when my echo suddenly started speaking when I hadn’t instructed it to.

Now we call each other between rooms and also to wind each other up by playing music in the other room.  Trust me, the sudden sound of techno music when you are not expecting it can be quite a surprise.

Was it worth the almost £75 cost?  I would say so, the speaker quality is great and although I am not using it to it’s full potential as yet, I am looking forward to expanding my horizons.

Is it as scary as I first thought?  Not really, I have programmed mine to answer to “Computer” rather than “Alexa” I find this stops me from humanising it.  Sometimes it will waken up if someone on the tv says “computer” but not very often.  I think I can live with that.  All in all, I am having fun with it so far.  Watch this space to see how I get on as I add skills and try to use it more.


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