Hunter Street Residents Make Official Complaint re Development


The Hunter Street Residents Committee have this week made an official complaint to various parties regarding the safety issues arising from nearby construction works.

These works have caused a number of problems to local residents including mud and dust coating cars and properties, damage to roads in the locale and what appears to be a serious disregard for the agreement previously reached regarding lorries not using the road at school times.

With the roundabout at the bottom of the development behind schedule there is no immediate end in sight to the constant disruption and threat to public safety.  The Residents Committee are asking that deliveries be postponed until the link road has opened.  They are also asking that those who received the email detailing the problems work together to ensure a co-ordinated response.

With permission being requested for another tranche of housing within this development and the probablility of more to come in the next few years, it is important to local residents that this is dealt with as soon as possible.  The prospect of these problems continuing and probably worsening if the culprits are not taken to task is something the Residents Committee are not willing to leave to chance.

The email was sent yesterday to developers, PKC, local councillors, police and other interested parties.  It will be interesting to hear how long it takes for the committee to recieve replies.

If you are a local resident affected by these issues please get in touch with the Hunter Street Residents Committee or comment below.



  1. Lorries stuck on hunter st because they can’t navigate the legitimate parked cars, drivers racing to navigate the same so they dont have to wait a whole 30 seconds, children in danger crossing the road and all because the developers were allowed to delay opening other access routes. You can rely on your council can’t you? Er …… no

  2. The road is so dangerous especiallly for children with the park being there. Speed bump’s should be put in and a safe crossing area for children. A path to the school which was promised a long time ago would help to reduce school traffic greatly in the morning as more children would be able to walk to school safely.


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