Highland Chieftain Journey To London


It is Saturday 4 March and I am on the Virgin East Coast Highland Chieftain train heading for London.  Who knew trains had names, although it seems to be more the service than the actual train that has the name.

The service runs from Inverness to London leaving Inverness at 0755 hrs arriving in London Kings Cross at 1551 hours.  No changes, no moving luggage, just find your seat and get settled until you arrive in London.  I caught the train at Gleneagles at 1013am which is a perfect time to be able to get prepared to travel without rushing too much or hanging about too much either.

As it is a Saturday Virgin Trains East Coast have an offer that you can upgrade to first class for a £25 supplement.  This is not something I would normally do as most of my previous journeys have been for holidays.   However, this time I shall be doing work upgrading the websites so when better to do it than when I am on the train with nowhere else to be?

We are at present sitting at Waverly waiting to leave and head across the border.  I have already had two cups of tea between Gleneagles and Edinburgh with the offer of yoghurt or pain au chocolat if I so desired.  The staff have been cheery and helpful and it looks like being a comfortable and productive journey.

The weather has improved remarkably between Auchterarder and Edinburgh and I am hopeful the improvements will continue as I travel further South.

During the journey I hope to update the calendar of events on the Auchterarder site and tidy up the main Lang Toon Times site.

The Perthshire Pooch is of course travelling with me and will no doubt update his own site once he stops pouting about not being able to sit on the chairs.


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