Help The NHS This Christmas


This is a call to arms – The NHS is struggling and we can help stem the pain.

The drugs we get prescribed and pay nothing or very little for could possibly cost hundreds and sometimes thousands.  We possibly have no idea the value of the drugs sitting in our medicine cabinets and the cost to the NHS of us over ordering.

It is so easy when making requests for repeat prescriptions to forget to remove a medicine we no longer need.   This forgetfulness is costing the NHS millions of pounds per year in uneccesary drug costs.

This new year why not take a few minutes of your time and clear out your medicine cabinet, anything specialised could be returned to your local pharmacy. Even if the pharmacy can’t use the drugs, changing your repeat prescription or having a medication review with your doctor or pharmacist could make a big difference to you and to the budget for your health board.

So many of us have grown used to drugs being so easy to obtain for a small cost, we forget the true cost of our treaments.

This festive season let’s all do our bit to help our NHS and go find any drugs and/or equipment that we could return and get it back.  Let’s help get the NHS back on it’s feet.


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