Help Stop Invading Alien Plants On The Provost Walk


Whilst out walking round the Public Park today I met up with a member of the PKC Greenspace Ranger team.  He was pulling up plants that had lovely pink flowers, obviously I asked him why he would do such a thing.  It turns out they are an alien species and prevent various other plants from growing which in turn is damaging for our local bee population.

Who knew that we had this team going about trying to protect our local wildlife?  With cuts to budgets etc it is very difficult for them to catch everything and any help from the public is appreciated.

These plants grow near water courses and he agreed that there are probably quite a few of them along the Provost Walk.  So, if you happen to be walking the Provost Walk anytime soon, keep an eye out for the plant in the pictures.  If you see any of them, feel free to pull them up, preferably without allowing the seed pods to pop. The best way would be to take off the heads with a plastic bag so that the seeds cannot escape.

If you haven’t been along the upgraded Provost Walk recently, why not have a wander and see if you can help stop the spread of this plant and thus help our local bee population?


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