Help Protect Our Farmers


It’s Friday the 2nd February and the weather is not too bad here in the Strathearn Area. People are out and about doing their shopping, walking their dogs and looking after livestock.

This time of year is especially important for sheep farmers.  Many of the sheep you see in local fields will be pregnant ewes.  It won’t be long until we see those woolly little lambs bouncing about in the sunshine.

Unfortunately, there has already been reports on social media of local sheep being scared by dogs out running in the fields.  Some have miscarried and lost their lambs, others have unfortunately been killed.

Many people are unaware that the instinct of a dog will often take over when it is out and about in the countryside.  Often this means that it will chase sheep, rabbits and anything else it sees running away.  These animals are a farmer’s livelihood, just as you wouldn’t steal from a shop, please do not allow your dog to destroy livestock.

If you are walking in fields anywhere near farm animals, please keep your dog on a lead, better still, take your dog somewhere else to give it some exercise.

Living in a rural area has its own timetable and its own way of life.  Lambing, ploughing, calving, harvest, they all encroach on local life in the area.  It’s what makes it so special.  Please make every effort to support your local farmers and protect the rural way of life we all enjoy so much.


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