Help Keep Our Local Healthcare Staff Safe


Wasn’t the weekend beautiful?  Wasn’t it great to have so much sunshine this week?  How many out there broke the social distancing  and lockdown instructions?

The Scottish Government has put the following restrictions in place –

Protect yourself and others:

  • stay at home
  • only go outside for essential food, health and work reasons
  • stay 2 metres (6 feet) away from other people
  • wash your hands regularly                
  • wash your hands as soon as you get home

As time has gone by, it would seem that some are becoming bored of these restrictions, or possibly they just think that they are no longer valid?  Either way, there has been an increasing number of people out and about over the last few days.  Social distancing is no longer being observed in towns and shops all over the country.

There have been 1251 cases of Coronavirus in Tayside alone.  On Saturday night there were 91 people in Tayside hospitals diagnosed with Covid-19.  Imagine how many wards, nurses, doctors, healthcare assistants, cleaners, lab workers etc are working with these 91 people trying to save their lives whilst risking their own and that of their families.

Almost half (49%) of all care homes in Scotland have registered at least one notification for suspected Covid-19 to the Care Inspectorate.  There are 2690 suspected cases of Covid-19 in care homes in Scotland as of Saturday night. 

There are 4 care homes in the local area, how many of our friends and neighbours are working there in varying capacities trying to keep the residents safe?  How many of these 2690 suspected cases could be in our area?

Whilst lockdown is still in place we should try to protect each other as much as possible within the local community by staying home unless it’s for essential shopping, exercise, work when it cannot be done from home and helping the vulnerable. 

Please stay home and give our fantastic local healthcare professionals a chance to save lives.


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