The Headmaster Becomes The Headliner


Fundraising for the local school is as commonplace as it is diverse.  Very few schools however can say that their headmaster is the headliner of a fundraising event. The Community School of Auchterarder is very lucky in that their Headmaster, Mr Stuart Clyde, not only helps raise funds but in this case his performance is the fundraiser.

Tonight, is Friday Night With Clyde, where the lucky ticket holders will be entertained to an evening of song spanning decades of rock and pop, performed by the Headmaster of the very school the fundraising is for.   With tickets including a two course Indian buffet supplied by popular local takeaway Bilal Tandoori and exceptional raffle prizes this looks like being a great event for all those who attend.

Don’t forget to appreciate the exquisite piano Mr Clyde has received courtesy of Mr McFarlane and class, it is a masterpiece.

In these times where every pound has a dozen possible places it would be appreciated, it is always good to know that any cause you give to appreciates your efforts.  On many occasions the only time you even know who is asking for these funds is some smudged signature at the bottom of yet another sponsor sheet.

The Community School of Auchterarder has gone down a different route with a variety of fundraising efforts where the community can enjoy and get involved.  Mr Clyde however has blasted the ball right out of the park by standing up to be counted, standing up to sing and standing up front of the fundraising efforts of his school.


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