Hand Washing Can Help Keep Community Safe


In some ways it seems ridiculous to have to be asked to wash your hands in a pandemic.  However, I noticed today that if I want to give myself the best chance of avoiding infection, I need to wash my hands way more than I think.

Take this morning, a typical Saturday morning, just with additional handwashing.

Handwash 1 – This would be your normal up in the morning handwash

Handwash 2 – Prior to making breakfast

Handwash 3 – Before leaving the house to go shopping – this is to try and keep the car as clean as possible.

Handwash 4 – Arriving at my parents with shopping – having just been to various shops which entailed opening doors, carrying baskets etc.  First thing to do when I arrive at my parents house is to wash my hands.

Handwash 5 – Once I get back home.  Having been shopping then driving from my parents to home, not sure what is in the car so washing hands again to try and ensure my home stays as germ free as possible.

The above were all carried out before 10.30am this morning. 

Next, I will wipe down the car steering wheel, handles, gearstick etc to try and make sure the car is as clean as possible.

Handwashing at this time is not only about keeping your own hands clean but also about trying to keep cross contamination down to a minimum for everyone in the community.

Now to go dig out all that hand cream I have in the house. 


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