Grand Eagles and Orchard Residents Future To Be Unveiled


There will be a meeting in the Dunning Hotel at 3pm today for residents of the Grand Eagles lodge site and the nearby Orchard site with Mr William Stewart.

It appears that Mr Stewart has sold the sites to another company and residents are now going to find out what this may mean for them in the future.

The sites have been sold to Earlmoor Properties, an investment company based in London which appears to rent out property in various locations.

Owners received a communication from Mr Stewart delivered to the lodges to advise them of today’s meeting.  As many lodge owners are not in residence on a full time basis, it is to be hoped that this communication was also sent to home addresses.  Although as it was only delivered to lodges this Wednesday, many will probably not be able to attend at such short notice.

It would be wrong to speculate as to what the intentions of the new owners may be, however the residents surely will be apprehensive after the problems in 2016 regarding planning permission.


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