Give Our Police The Powers To Stop Moped Crime


The Evening Standard has today published a report on the possibility of a temporary ban on pillion passengers in London to fight moped crime.

It is presently illegal to ride on the pavements on a moped and to ride a moped without a crash helmet.  There are also laws against robbery and theft and carrying a pillion passenger without a specific licence.

These laws have had little or no impact on the rise of moped crime in London.  How is it that another ruling to ban pillion passenger would make a difference?

It would certainly make a difference to many law abiding citizens who regularly carry friends, family and work colleagues as pillion passengers.  Why should they be penalised because the Government have decimated the police force to such and extent that they no longer have the manpower to deal with these crimes.  In addition, even if the police did have the manpower they are hampered in their efforts to apprehend these criminals by draconian policies which seem to protect criminals more than they protect the victims.

As these moped crimes become more publicised, gangs are springing up all over the country in the knowledge they will seldom be caught by the police.  This is becoming a country wide menace and the latest idea is to penalise law abiding citizens?  In what world does that make sense.

Young thugs on stolen mopeds are running our streets with impunity as cuts are made to our already struggling police forces.  The crimes committed have already escalated from stealing mobile phones to burglary and murder.  It’s time we equipped local law enforcement with the manpower and permissions to deal with this crimewave.

It is time the police were given powers to deal with these criminals in a quick and decisive manner before the whole country is held to ransom.


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