Getting Fit In the Auchterarder Area


By the time you read this, I shall probably be suffering the effects of a new fitness regime.  As many of you know, fitness and I have avoided each other very successfully over the last few years, this may be quite a shock to the system.

This morning I am taking my first foray into the world of groups and clubs, starting with a cup of a fat loss beverage.  I shall be out in the cold looking like who knows what, as I have yet to dig out anything that resembles fitness clothing.

The lovely Fiona has assured me that it will be an enjoyable experience and I am happy to go there with an open mind and try my best.  I may need to rest a while before I venture any further after the class but that remains to be seen.

Never one to shirk a challenge, on Wednesday evening I shall be down at the school for the Auchterarder Angels netball club.  Who knows if I have ever played netball?  If I did it was probably some PE lesson in the distant past.  However it looks like fun and it is indoors which in Scotland is a bonus.

This is the beginning of my investigation into the opportunities available in the Auchterarder area for groups and clubs which could help me in my endeavours to get fitter.  Let’s face it, it won’t take much to make me fitter than I am at the moment.

So if you are looking to take the plunge but feel that you are so unfit you don’t know where to start, keep an eye on these pages.  This will be a warts and all story of how the couch potato extraordinaire goes from nothing to something, well hopefully something.

Wish me luck and do let me know if you know of any other fitness classes I could visit.  I am sure there are many more for me to try.