Get Ready For More Politics


The UK is again going to the polls on 4th May this year, this time for local government elections.  This is to elect your local councillors to represent you within Perth and Kinross Council, in this area at least.

With Scotland using the Single Transferable Vote (STV) a form of proportional representation.  This can bring about results that are not directly related to opinion poll results.  Thus, there can be many local authority areas run by coalitions.

This may also mean a whole lot more campaigning with smaller parties looking for your second vote to enable them to have a place within local government.  With nominations to be in by 23 March, it won’t be long until we start seeing political statements abound as each party and independent starts to vie for their place on your voting slip.

Whether the tactics will be as blatantly misleading as those employed in recent elections and referendums remains to be seen.   What is almost certain is that by the 4th May many of us will have come to a decision we are heartily sick of politics.

It seems that the more voters follow their own ideas the less politicians like it and have been known to try and circumvent the voters’ wishes.  This has resulted in a very disenfranchised electorate in some areas, something the larger parties seem to be unable to understand.

Surely it doesn’t take much common sense to see that the first party to start engaging with the electorate rather than treating them like cats that need to be herded is one that will win public confidence and most likely the public vote.

The best way to build grass root support is at the roots, gain the respect of voters at local government level and the rest will follow.

We vote for representatives, not for overlords, the quicker the political parties realise that the better it will be for all of us.


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