Football Clubs Missing The Point


Today there have been many reports in the media about footballers wages and whether they should take a cut or not.  The national outcry is not because of footballers wages, the outcry is because of backroom staff wages.

For a football club to put backroom staff on furlough so that they are paid by Government funding is why there is an outcry.  If a football club has enough funds to still pay players fully, why are they considering asking taxpayers to pay for backroom staff?

If there is enough money to pay players thousands of pounds per week then there is enough money to pay backroom staff.   It may be that clubs will have to reduce players remuneration. I am sure they would be happy to help keep their loyal staff from penury.

What the general population object to is that football clubs who pay millions for players are asking for a handout for their backroom staff. 

Why on earth should taxpayers be expected to pay for the staff of these clubs to be furloughed when there is obviously more than enough money to pay for them?

Clubs make more than enough money from British taxpayers through season ticket sales, merchandising and more.  Surely these clubs do not expect these hard working supporters to pay more in taxes so that the players can keep their hands in their pockets?

The community support from these clubs is appreciated as are their charitable donations.  Their request for Government assistance to pay workers who can often be on minimum wage whilst still paying players thousands of pounds per week is an insult to supporters all over the world.


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