Floored by the Flu


I am sitting here on a recliner chair with my feet up trying so hard not to move suddenly and cause an outburst of coughing.

I am sweating profusely and have the shivers, I seem to be too hot and too cold all at the same time.  My breathing is very shallow as, if I take a deep breath my throat reacts and I end up coughing.

Coughing is so sore, it feels as if someone has used sandpaper on my throat.  There is no phlegm, there is just a white hot pain going down into my chest.

Every time I turn my head it has to be considered and smooth.  No sudden moves as this could cause a reaction from a bit of a tickle in my throat to being doubled up coughing.  It reminds me of those old ideas of finishing school, walking with a book on your head to make sure every move was thought of and deliberate.

I have taken cold and flu capsules throughout the day as well as a linctus.  This has given me some relief thankfully.  I am able to tell when they are wearing off as I need to get the tissues out again and start blowing my nose every 5 minutes.

Muscles aching, sinuses sore and swollen, hot drinks by the gallon and a dodgy thermostat.  I will be so glad when this flu has finished with me.


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