First Attempt at Gardening by LTT


Spring has sprung and it is time to start looking at the garden.  Having never done more than push a lawnmower about in many years I thought it was time to try and do some real gardening.

Having never attempted such a thing before I did what I always do and phoned someone who knows.  In this case my trusty hardware store Urquharts.  Having told Morag that I had a square bit with compost in it and there was supposed to be flowers there but they seem to have disappeared, I had my answer.

I hurried up to the shop to pick up ready-made flowers that would give my front garden a spot of colour.  Morag assured me all I had to do was gently take the flowers from the pot and plant them in a hole in the compost.  Sounds easy enough, I really was inordinately pleased with myself that I was taking this step in doing my own gardening.

There was however a bit of a problem in that this all happened yesterday, with the winds etc.  I couldn’t put out my delicate daffodils in that weather.  It would need to wait until the weather was such that it wouldn’t harm my plants to be out in it.

This morning was that time, sunshine and not a lot of wind, I was ready to take my first steps to doing gardening.  I carried my tray of flowers out to the front garden, put on my gloves and got ready to plant my flowers. This was the point when I realised why people have gardening clothes.  Tight jeans and boots are not really the best gardening attire.  Cue a quick change and I was back in leggings and trainers.

As you can see from the before photograph, there is quite a lot of greenery in the bed, some of it is supposed to be there, a lot of it I am quite sure is not.  I have removed some of it that I recognise as weeds, others I will just have to wait and see.


There is no method in where I planted the flowers, they are my first attempt so it was a case of plant them and see if I can keep them alive.  I removed them from their pots, teased out a bit of the roots at the bottom and planted them carefully in holes I had scooped out of the compost.  I then filled in round them with compost and pressed it firmly down.

Somewhere in the recesses of my mind was a memory of someone saying you should water plants when you transfer them so I duly got my watering can and soaked each plant and the surrounding compost.

There you have my first attempt at gardening, I am quite pleased at the result and am hoping that the plants will survive at least a couple of weeks.  If I manage that then it may be safe for me to try some more.


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