Fhinan Beyts, Youngest Candidate in Strathallan Local Council Elections


Today at the count for the Perth and Kinross local elections I met the Labour Party candidate for Ward 7 Strathallan, 18 year old Fhinan Beyts.

Fhinan is a member of the local Labour Party and was asked to stand for selection for the local council elections.  He put his name forward and was duly selected to represent the party in his ward.

When asked what he would be looking to change if he was elected, his first concern is public transport in the area.  With so many people having to travel to Perth or Stirling for shopping and entertainment the present bus service is very restrictive especially for younger people.

Another reason Fhinan gave was that he hoped to encourage young people to vote. Seeing a classmate standing for election will hopefully encourage young people not only to vote in these local council elections but other elections in the future.

Fhinan’s enthusiasm is to be admired and we look forward to seeing him stand again in the near future.


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