Fantastic Food At The Glendevon Hotel


New Chef brings new flavours to Auchterarder Hotel

The Glendevon Hotel in Auchterarder has raised the standard of its food to much more than pub grub whilst still remaining true to the genre.

New chef Gary Benson has moved the menu from mediocre to masterful with his freshly prepared offerings. The menu is still a pub grub menu with the standard offerings but they have been upgraded in flavour.

We attended on a quiet Thursday night not long after Gary had taken over the kitchen of the Glendevon.  Something I am sure we may struggle to find in the future as people realise the standard of the food on offer.

We started with a smoked salmon and prawn for my daughter and garlic mushrooms for myself.  I was advised when I ordered that the garlic mushrooms were no longer breaded and was that ok.  I assured our friendly waitress that was more than ok.

After a short wait our starters arrived. As you can see from the photographs, they are both ample portions.  According to my daughter the quality of both the salmon and the prawns was excellent.  The garlic mushrooms were in a creamy yet light sauce that was full of flavour.  Enough to satiate immediate hunger whilst leaving room for what came next.

The menu stated that the chicken balmoral (with options of pepper or whisky sauce) I ordered took 20 minutes to prepare.  This was covered by the time it took us to eat our starters, so it was not long before our main courses came out.

The main courses of chicken balmoral and the standard cheeseburger looked mouthwatering and we were not disappointed when we started eating.

My daughter assures me that the burger was a proper burger with proper cheese and as she was loathe to leave without finishing it, that pretty much tells it’s own story.  The chicken balmoral was served with veg and new potatoes and enough sauce to ensure that no scrimping was required.  The whisky sauce was beautiful and the portion a well balanced mix with new potatoes and veg.

With 2 soft drinks the total cost came to just over £32 which is fantastic value for fantastic food.  We will be going back to the Glendevon Hotel very soon to do main courses and desserts next time.  Watch this space for our next foray.


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