Faith In Humanity Restored


This afternoon I was heading to my parents on my lunch break as I do most days.  Anyone who has driven up the High Street at about one o’clock on a weekday afternoon will appreciate I was driving very carefully due to the amount of school children out and about for lunch.

Most of us who drive regularly will have met the last minute runners and the slow walkers who seem to take great delight in stopping traffic for a joke.

As I came past Sugar and Spice and headed towards the Co-op I could see a couple of older lads who seemed to be hovering about the road.  As usual there were some comments under my breath questioning why they were hanging about. I continued driving, keeping an eye out on the groups crossing at the car park, the crowd outside the Co-op and many others.

As I pulled closer, I noted someone trying to push a buggy type thing from the pavement at the top end of the Co-op car park, as if setting themselves up to cross.

That was when the young lad put out his hand for me to stop the car.  His mate did the same on the other side of the road.

It wasn’t a buggy, it was a wheeled walking aid and these two young lads took it upon themselves to stop traffic to allow the lady using it to cross the road safely.

Once the lady was safely across the lads waved the traffic on.

Possibly not much in the grand scheme of things but something that makes your day a bit brighter for being there.


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