Facebook Birthday Fundraiser Done Differently


In recent months there have been a number of people I know setting up a fundraising facebook link close to their birthday. 

This seems like a good idea to ask people to donate to a cause, rather than buy birthday presents or birthday drinks for the birthday boy our girl.   I was pretty impressed by the number of people who have done this and the help this gives to various charities. 

There is even an option to set up fundraising for a personal cause whether a local group, personal emergency or something similar.

Certainly, there are many options for your friends and family to donate to many worthy causes both close to home and nationwide.  Now that it is close to my birthday, Facebook are offering me the opportunity to open a fundraising page.

This year however, rather than add a Facebook fundraiser and ask you to give your details to the computer yet again, I would like to ask for something different.  This year, it would be great if you could donate to a local charity or community group. 

Locally that could be Friends of St Margaret’s, Mailer and Whitelaw Trust (Glencairn), Guides or Brownies, Local Churches, PADS, Sunshine Box, Friends of Aytoun Hall and many more. 

This is not necessarily a monetary donation, it could also be a donation of time.  The Auchterarder Core Paths Working Group does regular path tidies of the Provost Walk and would love to have some extra help.

It is a great idea to be able to easily ask friends and family to donate to a cause in your name and I am sure there will be many charities who will benefit from this opportunity from Facebook.  I would just like to be a little different and ask you to donate money to local causes, who don’t always get what they are hoping for and/or struggle to keep going with their efforts. 

To be honest, I have no intention of putting anything on my Facebook page to ask people to donate to a cause for no other reason other than it is my birthday and Facebook have suggested it.  

However, having gone around the local area over the last few years learning about local groups and their efforts for the local area, I thought it was worth writing to see if anyone would like to donate locally.  If you would be willing to donate money for a good cause because a friend on facebook asked, why not take a few more minutes and physically donate to something more local and tangible?  A small effort from you can make a huge difference to local community groups.


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