Enjoyable Afternoon at Innerpeffray Library


This afternoon Innerpeffray Library hosted an event called “Poetry and Place” with poets Jim Mackintosh and Jon Plunkett.  The event coincided with a chance to see some poetry pillars that form part of the Corbenic Path created by Jon Plunkett.

Having never been to a poetry reading or the library before I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. After a, less than 20-minute drive in the spring sunshine I arrived at the library car park.  A short walk along a grassy path brought me to the first of the poetry pillars which had a few thoughtful words.

As I progressed towards the library there were another couple of pillars again with short poems on them, bringing you gently into the poetry mindset.

On arrival at the library I went into the wrong room initially however, I am so glad I did as it gave me time to chat with the gentleman there who understood completely my awestruck look when I first saw the books.

Upstairs quietly to the room where the poetry reading was already underway, I hovered outside the door until the end of the poem being read.  As the applause started the Keeper of the Books ushered me in to the room where it was standing room only by then.


Jim and Jon were each reading their poems a few at a time, using the theme of Place in a loose fashion to bind them all together.

Having never been to a poetry reading before I was unsure what to expect after my first experience I can truthfully say I would happily go to more.  It was so enjoyable to have the poets read their own words in the way they were intended and let you understand what they were thinking as they wrote.

Thanks must go to all concerned for organising such an enjoyable event and I look forward to many more.


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