Employers Will Need To Do Better Than Minimum Wage


As the nation braces for shortages and companies the length and breadth of the country are crying out for staff, where are the prospective employees?

With the return of many EU workers to their home countries, the UK workers are in great demand.  Prime Minister Boris Johnson has grasped at this dilemma to suggest that this was his levelling up strategy all along.  High skills, high wages to help the country grow without being dependent on immigration.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of employers who have not received this memo.

With a wealth of employment opportunities available, some with signing on bonuses, others with increased salary and benefit packages, who will voluntarily work for minimum wage?

Let’s also not forget the power of social media to let people know just how awful it can be working in the hospitality or retail trade, to name but two.  Tweets and posts about long hours, rude customers and less than ideal working conditions have put many people off returning to these sectors. 

Looking at situations vacant shows a wide range of opportunities with some employers improving their offers to prospective staff.  Others have obviously pulled out the same tired old advert listing basic information and minimum wage. 

There are many opportunities to work for companies that acknowledge their need for staff and are willing to change their way of thinking to get them.  Why would anyone want to waste their time applying for a job where they want to pay you the minimum they can legally get away with?

Maybe if those places run by huge entities buried under layers of paperwork stopped skimming off the profits and paid their workers a decent wage they would be able to get staff.


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