Employers Need To Make The Call Early


Do you own or run a business?  How many employees are you in charge of?  As an owner or manager, the safety and wellbeing of your employees should be of paramount importance.

Having sat and watched my footsteps in an inch of snow, disappear as if they never existed within an hour, I dread to think what things will be like when I awaken in the morning.

Employers and managers should all be looking at the weather this morning and asking how vital it is to have people try to travel in these conditions to get to their place of employment?

For some it is vital, emergency services, doctors, nurses etc.  I would hope that those who can get to local facilities do so and are supported by management and the general public to refrain from travelling any distance and work locally.

Appointments are going to be cancelled and unless they are emergencies we should all be able to accept this.  Please contact anyone you have an appointment with in the next few days to confirm that it is still possible.  Check social media for announcements.

If you don’t need something immediately for health or wellbeing purposes, stay at home, accept that offices and shops are going to be closed.  Be thankful that the people who would normally be there are safe and not trying to drive in hazardous conditions.

This is a time to accept that not everything is possible and some things are going to have to be delayed.  It is not worth risking lives so that someone can have a cake or have their non emergency query answered.

If you own or run a business, make the call early so people don’t start travelling.  If you wish to contact a business in the next few days, don’t expect to have a full service available.  Let’s accept that things are going to be difficult and appreciate and approve of keeping people safe.


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