Emergency Services Attending Incident In Manchester


Emergency services are responding to an incident at the Manchester arena where “There are a number of confirmed fatalities and others injured.

There have been conflicting reports of the cause of the incident, the consensus would seem to be that there was a loud noise.  What caused the noise is still being speculated on as some say it sounded like an explosion, others a balloon and others think it was electrical equipment.

Police have asked people to stay away from the area whilst they are carrying out their investigations and emergency services are helping those caught in the aftermath.

Until investigations have more conclusive information it would be unwise to speculate what caused the noise and the subsequent evacuation of the building.

Our thoughts go to those families who have lost loved ones this evening.  If you have family who may be involved, the hashtags #roomformanchester and #HelpInManchester are being used to help those stranded in the area.

Local ambulance services have tweeted “Due to the incident in Manchester, please only call us for life threatening emergencies at this time. Thank you.”


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