Discounts and New Timetable Making Train Travel More Attractive


With more trains than ever stopping at Gleneagles Station, now is the time to make the most of the station on our doorstep.

If you have been following this page for a while, you will have seen that I travel to London a couple of times a year.  Almost every time I say to someone that I am travelling to London they ask why I don’t fly?  The answer, it’s so much easier on the train. 

If I was flying, I would need to drive an hour to the airport, put the car in a parking area for the duration of my visit, arrive at least 30 mins before take off and would most often be delivered to an airport on the outskirts of London. This would most likely entail a two hour journey to get to my destination which is close to Chelsea football ground.

Taking the train means I leave my car at my house, get dropped off at the station and arrive in the centre of London where a 30 mins car journey takes me to my destination. Taking the 10.13 am train means no changes so once I am on the train, I can settle down until I arrive in London.

When the time differences are worked out, there is not much in it and the ease of getting the train so close to home is a big benefit. 

Another benefit is that Railcards can reduce the fares considerably and with the most recent additions meaning there is a railcard available for most people.  With the Friends and Family Railcard reducing children’s fares by up to 60%, day trips on the train are becoming more affordable. 

For most train journeys, the further in advance you book the cheaper the ticket.  Normally journeys are available to book approx. 3 months in advance.  In my experience this has reduced a ticket that would cost £146 on the day down to £52 when booked in advance.


  1. Trains for further afield and booked well in advance may be a good option from Gleneagles but shorter, on the day travel is becoming pricier and pricier from Gleneagles!

    Our travel plans changed last minute yesterday when returning home from the rugby and 2 single tickets from Haymarket to Gleneagles cost us £32 when the exact same train to Dunblane would have been £18!! How can a journey 15 mins apart result in such a massive difference in price other than they are cashing in on the Gleneagles name!!

  2. I agree. I commute to Glasgow daily. The cost from Gleneagles is virtually double the cost from Dunblane. Scotland and the Scottish Government should be encouraging train use and thereby reducing the number of vehicles on the road. Come Scotland make the fares from Auchterarder equitable.


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