Dear Mr Windy – A Plea


Dear Mr Windy

Please can you help give me some cheer this cold and wintry morning?

The Easter weekend was not what was expected.  Visions of Easter Bonnets, frolicking in the daffodils and Easter Egg hunting in the sunshine all went out the window this year.

Thank you for warning me in time so I didn’t pack my winter woollies away just yet but I have had enough now.  I am happy for you to let me know that the weather is not going to be what I had hoped for through the next few days.  What I would enjoy even more is if you could give me some idea of when this is going to change.

I have a box ready for my winter woollies, it is just sitting there taking up space and it needs to be gone.  Please oh please could you give me the slightest hint of when I can expect to be able to bring out the t-shirts again.

I need to see the sunshine, I need to know that I am not going to spend the rest of the year in the doom and gloom of snow and rain.  Please Mr Windy, let me know there is sunshine at the end of the tunnel.

Picnics and walking, cycling and gardening, all things I can do happily in the sunshine.  Is there any sunshine soon?

Mr Windy I appeal to you, put me out of my misery and let me know I am not waiting in vain.  When can I expect sunshine again?


Frozen in hope


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