Day Two of the Flu


Sleeping was a bit of a thing with this flu.  Although I eventually managed to make it through to the bedroom, lying flat was not a good idea.

Within minutes of lying down in bed I was coughing and spluttering to such an extent I started retching.  Cue immediate standing upright and trying to decide what would be best, recliner chair or sofa.

Luckily, last year when he had pneumonia we bought a foam wedge shaped pillow.  Designed to stop him from lying flat and his lungs filling with fluid.  Personally, I didn’t think it would make much of a difference however, foam wedge with two pillows at the top was perfect.  What a great sleep I had compared to the night before.

I still woke up frequently with breathing problems and painful joints but compared to the night before it was blissful.

The first time I got out of bed was just after 6am when I came through and took some linctus, hoping it would start working before I got up properly.  Having gotten out of bed just after 8am, I think I was giving the linctus more credit than it deserved.

My throat at present feels like someone has taken sandpaper to it.  As the linctus didn’t work I have taken different painkillers to see if they will help.  Fingers crossed as at present I am not able to speak and barely able to drink the hot tea which seems to be the only thing that soothes my throat.

My whole body is aching and trying to keep my head upright seems like a feat of engineering.

More later today when I find out if this is the beginning of the end or if I still have more suffering to go through before I start feeling better.


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