Day 7 of the Flu, Recovery Not As Quick As I Thought


It’s now day 7 of my flu and I was reminded yesterday that it is the flu that I have contracted and not just a heavy cold.

After my previous report on day 4, I managed to wander to the local shop and even managed to do some cooking.  A couple of days of that and on day 6 I decided I was mostly recovered and it was time to go out and about.

One hours drive to my destination, 500 yard walk to a café for some lunch, 500 yards back to the car and an hours drive back to the house.  What seemed like a sensible jaunt was anything but.  I was absolutely exhausted and had to go lie down. Even after a nap I was still useless for the rest of the day and evening and am still feeling exhausted this morning.

Isn’t it amazing how quickly we forget that flu is not just something that goes away in a few days?  Although we may feel better in our own home, it is completely different when we go out into the real world where things are not at our fingertips.  A couple of hours of even very sedate activity can take so much out of you if you are recovering from flu.

I have therefore decided that today will be a restful day as will tomorrow.  I have a meeting on Tuesday which will probably be quite enough for that day.

If you are suffering from the flu or recovering, please remember, it is going to take quite some time before you are back to normal.  Take it in small stages and make sure to have plenty of recovery time set aside if you can.


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