Day 4 Of The Flu and a Little Advice


Day 4 of the flu and I am still suffering although in a rather different manner today.  Today seems to be the day of the cough.  Or at least it was until about an hour ago.

Yesterday was a huge improvement on the day before.  I managed to do a bit of shopping for a whole 5 minutes. I think the store manager was a bit worried as I had a scarf over my nose and mouth the whole time.  There was even cooking, sort of, in that I put a chicken in the oven to cook.  Yesterday was definitely a day of improvement.

Then I got up this morning and as soon as I started breathing normally I started coughing.  My temperature went through the roof, I started sweating and had to go sit down.  Eventually after a couple of hours I realised, I hadn’t taken any of the painkillers/flu remedies that I had taken yesterday.  I have now taken these medications and am beginning to feel a bit more human.

It’s amazing how something so simple can make such a difference and it got me to thinking what we can do when there is a lot of flu to make things easier.

1 – Phone the doctor – years ago we would have gone to the doctors and sat in the waiting room.  Upwards of 50 people all with various strains of flu, sitting together, spluttering and coughing over each other, cross contaminating each other.  There is no need for that in this day and age.  Phone the surgery and arrange to speak to a doctor first.

2 – Self Treatment – Pharmacies have such a variety of treatments available and in Auchterarder we are lucky to have Jan de Vries as well for those who prefer a more natural approach.  Through the television and internet we know that keeping someone warm and hydrated with plenty of fluids and bed rest is the recommended treatment.  Alongside basic painkillers of paracetamol and ibuprofen this should be your first steps if a family member has flu.

3 – Wash everything – flu is spread by germs from coughs and sneezes which can live for up to 24hrs on surfaces.  Wash your hands frequently and if you have the flu, please stay away from places where you could infect a high number of people.  No coffee mornings, no cinema etc etc.

For some the flu is little more than an irritation, a few days off work whilst they get back to full fitness.  For many others who may have compromised immune systems or the very young and very old, flu is a killer.  Please if you have the flu, don’t battle on and go to work infecting others.  Let you be the last person that your strain of flu infects.  Keep it to yourself and help keep others safe.


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