Day 3 of the Flu


It is now day 3 of the flu and I am scared to move.

My throat is still feeling like it has been attacked by sandpaper.  Nothing I have taken seems to have alleviated the pain and swelling in my throat.  Amazing how something as simple as swallowing can cause all sorts of problems when it is very painful to do so.  I had read somewhere about symptoms of flu and one of the pages I read had drooling as a symptom.  I didn’t understand at the time, I do now.  When swallowing is so painful, drooling can seem like a viable option.

Hot drinks can be soothing, once you get past the first couple of mouthfuls of searing pain.  There is a certain point where tea is hot enough to soothe.  Once it gets past that point it is just another irritation making your throat more painful.

Moving is a whole different ballgame with very specific rules.  Move fast – coughing penalty, change direction – coughing penalty, stand up or sit down too fast – coughing penalty, turn your head too far – coughing penalty.  Unless you glide everywhere you will end up coughing.

Coughing has changed since yesterday, coughing is now productive, it seems as if phlegm comes from my boots.  The muscles in between my shoulder blades object to coughing as do my stomach muscles. My throat strongly objects to coughing and nags for quite some time after the coughing is done.

The above are the most obviously painful additions to the general symptoms of aching all over, sore head etc etc.  Yesterday I spent most of the day in bed and most of that time was spent sleeping.  If you have this flu and going to bed is a possibility, I would advise taking the opportunity and resting as much as possible.

I was supposed to be travelling today, that has been postponed until I can make it further than the front door.  I haven’t made it that far in the last 3 days.

If you are a fellow sufferer please accept my sympathies and get well wishes.  I hope things improve for you soon.  If you are reading this maybe it will give some indication of timelines and symptoms which may be useful to you.


Additional note – when taking strong painkillers, do not forget when the next ones are due.  I felt so much worse there for a while and couldn’t think why.  Now I have taken my painkillers again, things are starting to improve.


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