Council Tax Increases for Many Properties from 1 April 2017


Perth and Kinross Council announced in February as part of their annual budget setting that there would be an increase in Council Tax of 2% in the financial year 2017/18.  The Scottish Government have also introduced legislation which will have an effect on properties in bands E-H, effectively increasing the amount due in Council Tax.

The percentage increases noted below are based on the increase compared to current rates, prior to 1 April 2017.

Changes to bands E to H

Band Percentage increase
E 7.5%
F 12.5%
G 17.5%
H 22.5%


The charges made by Scottish Water for household water and waste water are also increasing, in this case by 1.6%.  Although Scottish Water are responsible for setting the charges, Perth and Kinross Council are required by law to include these charges in it’s bill.

This means that the amount due for a property in Band E will increase from £1933.43 to £2077.94, a difference of £144.51.  For properties in the highest Band H, the amount due will rise from £3163.80 to £3754.57, an increase of £590.77.  The table below shows the updated amounts due in 2017/18.

Band Upper
limit (£)
Council tax
charge (£)
charge (£)
charge (£)
Total combined charge (£)
A 27,000      £787.33 £132.84 £154.20 £1,074.37
B 35,000      £918.56 £154.98 £179.90 £1,253.44
C 45,000   £1,049.78  £177.12 £205.60 £1,432.50
D 58,000   £1,181.00  £199.26 £231.30 £1,611.56
E 80,000   £1,551.70  £243.54 £282.70 £2,077.94
F 106,000   £1,919.12  £287.82 £334.10 £2,541.04
G 212,000   £2,312.79  £332.10 £385.50 £3,030.39
H Over 212,000   £2,893.45  £398.52 £462.60 £3,754.57

Details as published on PKC website

The band that your property has been placed in is decided by the Scottish Assessors Association based on the value of your property on April 1 1991.  If you think the band your property has been placed is incorrect you should contact

The Assessor
Tayside Valuation Joint Board
Robertson House
Perth Business Park
Whitefriars Crescent

Telephone Number: 01738 630303
E-mail Address:


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