Could You Be A Community Councillor?


Elections are being held for local Community Council members on Thursday 7 November 2019. 

The Scottish Community Councils website describes Community Councils as being comprised of people who care about their community and want to make it a better place to live.

As well as representing the community to the local authority, Community Councils facilitate a wide range of activities which promote the well-being of their communities. They bring local people together to help make things happen, and many Community Councils protect and promote the identity of their community. They advise, petition, influence and advocate numerous causes and cases of concern on behalf of local communities.  Here are some examples of their work from across the country:

Carry out projects to enhance their community for all types of citizens – elderly, single mothers, minority groups, youths etc.

Issue community newsletters

Conduct local surveys

Campaign on local issues

Organise community events (such as local galas)

Community Councils are the strongest means of becoming involved with your local area. It will give you a good understand of the workings of local government and what is going on locally and nationally. All local authorities in Scotland encourage citizens to become a member of their Community Council.

If you would like to become involved in the future of your community or know someone who would, nomination forms can be downloaded from the PKC website here.  All nominations must be received by 4pm on Thursday 26 September 2019.


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