Correction to New Print Edition of Lang Toon Times


Being a touch typist is very useful when doing a newspaper and online news site.  It means that I can get things onto the page at speed if required.

Unfortunately, it also means that if your brain has an idea that is wrong, your fingers are going too fast for you to realise said mistake.

Lang Toon Times print edition has such a mistake in it that I hope you will allow me to rectify here.

The original artwork for the colouring page was done by Louise E Robertson who writes books for children and does some excellent colouring pages as can be seen in the print edition.

The website where you can see her work, purchase books and download free colouring pages and resources is as in stories.

I think as I was thinking of the animals that Louise writes about my spelling was a bit off which is most embarrassing.  However I hope that you will forgive my mistake and go have a look at Louise’s website via the link here.


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