Coronavirus In The Area Makes Self Isolation Imperative


It’s time to make plans

It would seem that there are some people in isolation in the local area and others showing symptoms which could be associated with coronavirus.

The Government guidelines are that if you are showing symptoms of the coronavirus that you self isolate for 7 days.  This is very important and should not be taken lightly.

If you are showing symptoms, please stay in your home.  If you need something please go to one of the local Facebook pages or join the forum at which was set up yesterday for exactly this purpose.

DO NOT think that nipping out to the shop to get in some supplies before you isolate is a good idea, it is not.  If you need something, ask friends or family to drop it off or put out a shout on the forum or Facebook pages. 

This area has a lot of elderly people and at least 3 people I know of who are on chemotherapy. 

If you have a temperature and a cough, please isolate yourself and don’t be the person who spreads coronavirus throughout the area. 

As more people become isolated, those who are still able to get about will need to be sure they are safe to get shopping and/or prescriptions etc to those isolate or infected. 

Let’s be under no illusion here, coronavirus is everywhere, people are going to be infected.  How we as a community react will have a huge impact on how we as a community get through this. 

If you have symptoms, please self isolate and keep the numbers of infections as low as possible.


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