Corbie and Cheip Welcome Jannettas Gelateria Ice Cream


Today was sunny which is always a good thing here in Scotland.  So, when Corbie and Cheip tweeted that they had their new ice cream in the shop, it seemed the perfect idea for elevenses.

The ice cream is supplied by Jannettas Gelateria.  Based in St. Andrews, Jannettas has been producing their much loved premium Gelato for four generations now.  Made on the premises using traditional Italian artisan machinery by their skilled Gelato makers this is award winning ice cream.

There were three flavours available at Corbie and Cheip today, vanilla, chocolate and raspberry ripple.  I chose vanilla as it is always the best to check out the quality of any ice cream.  I was certainly not disappointed.

With a smooth texture and full creamy flavour what made this ice cream exceptional is the lack of a cloying aftertaste.  A sure sign the ice cream is made using more traditional methods and quality ingredients.  Not only that, as can be seen by the pictures, the ice cream wasn’t only balanced on the top of the cone, it went down to ensure enjoyment of the cone as well as the ice cream.


With a basic cone costing only £1.80 on a par with the Jannettas shop in St Andrews this is definitely worth remembering on hot days.


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