Community To Suffer Up To 15 Years Of Building Works


The most recent housing development application for Auchterarder could mean 15 years of building with little or no benefit to the local community.

An application has been put forward to Perth and Kinross Council for 116 new houses on land 300m East of Stuart Milne Homes in Auchterarder.

This is not the first application made for this area, however this is an application to have matters approved that have previously had conditions attached.

There are 121 documents associated with this application and you would be hard pushed to know exactly what this permission will mean.

One of the biggest changes to the original plans put forward is that instead of the usual legislation based 3 year time limit for works to be completed, Perth and Kinross Council have agreed an extension to increase the time limit to 15 years.

The request for this extension was added to application ref 16/01809/IPM which when searched shows only that it is to request the deletion of condition 14 (To seek waste advice).  Unless you look into that application in more detail, there is nothing immediately obvious to let you know that there is a request to increase the build time to 15 years.

Add to the extension of time the note in the Planning Statement which states – The link road will be put forward for adoption after all approvals are received, drainage and services connected plus all associated works completed.

Put these together and there is a very real possibility that this development could take up to 15 years to complete and that the link road will not be opened until it is complete.

Where is the benefit to the local community?

Perth and Kinross Council benefit from the developer contributions through the Section 75 agreements.  Contributions made to roads and transport, education, sports facilities and more.

The various developers building around the town benefit from the profits received from selling the properties.

When does the local community benefit?

The closing date for public comments on this application is Tuesday 2nd October.


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