Community Facilities Closed for Summer


This Summer the Auchterarder community will struggle for access to community facilities.

The decision of Live Active Leisure, a Perth and Kinross Council owned organisation, to withdraw from Auchterarder has left the town with precious little for residents over the Summer.

Their decision to withdraw from the management of community access to facilities means that although there are facilities, local residents cannot get access to them.

You may have seen our recent report on the Lang Toon Childcare Hub succeeding in arranging Summer camps for local children. These camps have fought for and gained access to the astroturf pitches at the school for the duration of their camps. This access is strictly on the understanding that only those children taking part in the camps are allowed access to the pitches.

No local residents who are not part of these camps are allowed to use the community facilities.

Last year in the summer the kids could go to the office and book the pitches, this is no longer possible. Now it is an online form which has been created for clubs making block bookings, not for young children wanting to play a game with friends.

Members of the public attended tonight’s meeting of the Auchterarder and District Community Council in the hope of getting some help from Community Councillors and PKC Councillors. Unfortunately the consensus of opinion from both is that there is nothing that can be done at this time. With the statement “Wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly” being mentioned. The discussion was closed and those who had attended were left with little hope of any facilities being available at The Community School of Auchterarder throughout the Summer holidays.

Yet again it seems that Auchterarder loses out in the distribution of facilities from Perth and Kinross Council.

An open meeting has been arranged for local residents on 3rd September at 7.30pm for community consultation. We will update you with any more information as soon as we receive it.


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