Community Facilities Closed for Summer


This Summer the Auchterarder community will struggle for access to community facilities.

The decision of Live Active Leisure, a Perth and Kinross Council owned organisation, to withdraw from Auchterarder has left the town with precious little for residents over the Summer.

Their decision to withdraw from the management of community access to facilities means that although there are facilities, local residents cannot get access to them.

You may have seen our recent report on the Lang Toon Childcare Hub succeeding in arranging Summer camps for local children. These camps have fought for and gained access to the astroturf pitches at the school for the duration of their camps. This access is strictly on the understanding that only those children taking part in the camps are allowed access to the pitches.

No local residents who are not part of these camps are allowed to use the community facilities.

Last year in the summer the kids could go to the office and book the pitches, this is no longer possible. Now it is an online form which has been created for clubs making block bookings, not for young children wanting to play a game with friends.

Members of the public attended tonight’s meeting of the Auchterarder and District Community Council in the hope of getting some help from Community Councillors and PKC Councillors. Unfortunately the consensus of opinion from both is that there is nothing that can be done at this time. With the statement “Wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly” being mentioned. The discussion was closed and those who had attended were left with little hope of any facilities being available at The Community School of Auchterarder throughout the Summer holidays.

Yet again it seems that Auchterarder loses out in the distribution of facilities from Perth and Kinross Council.

An open meeting has been arranged for local residents on 3rd September at 7.30pm for community consultation. We will update you with any more information as soon as we receive it.


  1. ‘Last year in the summer the kids could go to the office and book the pitches’
    ‘No local residents who are not part of these camps are allowed to use the community facilities’

    Please check you facts before publishing. Children could not book pitches by going to the office last year and the astro is always left open,as if locked the children simply force their way in through the chain link fence,with access available to all 24/7.

    • Thank you for that, it seems the information at the meeting last night was not 100% accurate, I will endeavour to find out the correct information.

  2. There has been much info quoted that is not 100% accurate in order to ensure the summer camps take place. The main one being that the camps were financially viable. If this were the case i am sure LAL would not have pulled out prior to a profitable time. As a tax payer i would love to know what the cost to PKC(as the are underwriting the costs) per child works out at once the summer holidays are over?

    • I am sure LAL and PKC will be only to happy to answer any FOI requests that asks for numbers attending summer camps last years and any emails relating to if these camps (as opposed to the management of the building but specifically the actual summer camps) made money.

      At least one email exists because I have it.

      This year’s summer camps, overall, will run at a loss. Parents have had to make alternative arrangements when the LAL camps were withdrawn at short notice. Some of these parents will use the camps in the future, some may not. However it is expected that the camps will be self financing within 18 months when parents can trust that they will be running through all school holidays and inservice days and not need to use more reliable alternatives.

      Also for clarification PKC are not underwriting the costs of the summer camps. Funding was awarded as through a Common Good Fund application therefore PKC were not required to underwrite costs.

  3. Sorry i must have misread your facebook page. Quoting

    Summer Camps based in TCSOA WILL run this summer

    Perth & Kinross Council HAVE AGREED to underwrite the costs of running the summer camps in Auchterarder this year as a gesture of good will. (They took their bleeping time and we think it is the least they can do! )

    Does your funding also pay for the running costs of the building for the extra hours that it will be open over the summer or will as i suspect PKC be picking up that cost too?

    • Yes they did agree to underwrite costs as we weren’t prepared to keep parents hanging on and we were still awaiting our CGF application being assessed. But as we were successful in getting CGF funding they did not need to underwrite any costs. Also the CGF application was to pilot sessions for secondary pupils so allows us to try and provide more activities for the young people in the community.

      Due to everything that happened PKC have given us an exemption from the let costs this summer. We have worked closely with facilities so the summer camps are fairly self sufficient and not a huge drain on resources eg only require doors unlocked in morning and locked in evening and minimal cleaning. The building does have some services (non sports) working from it throughout the summer holidays so the building is not just being open for summer camps.

      I cannot speak for PKC but certainly we felt that them giving LTCH the summer let they were trying to help right a situation that maybe shouldn’t have occurred or certainly not in the manner it happened.

      We have been very open about all aspects of what has happened and the fact that the camps this summer will lose money. If we had the number LAL had last year (and the increase expected this year) the camps would be breaking even including any (future) letting fees.

      I don’t fully understand why you seem so cross and suspicious about summer camps that the community had been promised and very much needed.


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